Established in 2016 and driven by his passion for both whisky appreciation and the experiences associated with fine dining degustations, founder Matt has brought the unique elements of both together to create Whisky Uncovered Experiences.


Ideal for fans of whisky, food, good times or a combination of all three, our experiences focus on the relaxed sensation of sharing a social drink or meal with friends, whilst also breaking the complex and sometimes intimidating world of whisky down into a fun and engaging afternoon experience. 


With a strong linkage to and respect for food, we run our experiences seasonally to take advantage of the best produce and enjoy the opportunity to showcase the talent of our partner chefs.


cracking whisky, exceptional eats and a relaxed, social vibe

At Whisky Uncovered, our goal is not just to uncover things that go well together, but to create a situation where food brings out something new in whisky, or vice versa. In other words, we want to create gastronomic synergies for our guests, where the outcome is equal to more than the sum of its parts.

We take immense pride in delivering this service to our guests and take pride in being able to construct an experience for all occasions.

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